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  • CHS Sign and Sponsor Forms

    ATTENTION: If you are a player/parent selling these fundraiser items to a company, contact Jeremy Chappell (205) 936-1470 or Jennifer Bell (205) 522-8836 prior to purchasing one of our items listed that only has 1 or 4 available to purchase in order to make sure it's not already sold or renewed by a physical form and check. This does not apply to new field signs, new fieldhouse sponsors or stadium announcements.
  • If you are a parent, please DO NOT use this for paying YOUR players fees.  Player fees are paid via the emailed invoice sent to your email on record. However if you are someone other than the parent or guardian of a player, and would would like to make a donation to a specific player, please do so on this online form. If you are making a general donation to CHS Football, please use this online form to do so.
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